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    Authorized company to import and comercialize hydrocarbons, fuels and petrochemicals in Mexico.
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The business opportunity that opening with the promulgation of the Energy Reform, the which allows import of fuels, petrochemicals and hydrocarbons to Mexico and due to the high demand currently has that the Mexican energy market, our business group decided to create in 2008 the company Petroleum Services International, S.A. de C.V. to impulse the marketing of fuels, petrochemicals and hydrocarbons.

About us

Petroleum Services International, S.A. de C.V.., is a Mexican company which conforms a business group with presence in the United States and Mexico, has the objective of importing, marketing, distribution and sale of petroleum, petrochemicals and hydrocarbons, with a high quality standard not available currently in the market Mexican, being profitable and sustainable in our way of operating, we offer integral solutions to our clients with certified quality standards, security and protection to the environment.

Our Mission And Vision

Meet the needs of fuels, petrochemicals and hydrocarbons of our clients in Mexico, as well as to preserve our image and prestige as a supplier and service provider with sufficient infrastructure and experience, meeting the requirements of the market in a reliable and safe way.
To be leaders in the marketing of fuels, petrochemicals and hydrocarbon in Mexico, earning us the recognition of the market, suppliers and customers, for our products and services with quality and good price.


Developing new markets, inspiring passion and pride for our Alliance and generating greater value, always oriented to satisfaction of the needs of our customers through the continuous improvement and values of:

  • Honesty:Leading us with righteousness and integrity;
  • Legality:Always operating within the legal guidelines in all areas, both commercial, labor and environment
  • Service:Provide timely attention with quality and efficiency a our customers.
  • Responsibility: Fulfilling our duty making ours the needs and policies of operation of our customers and suppliers; and
  • Leadership:having one vision of future oriented to excellence, meeting targets and being leaders in the marketing.

Licenses and Permits

Derivative of the implementation of the Energy Reform in Mexico and the opening to the Private Initiative to the market for the import and commercialization of hydrocarbons, fuels and petrochemicals, our Business Group decided to get process all the permits and licenses required by the Mexican Government to operate and Commercialize in Mexico. Our company PETROLEUM SERVICES INTERNATIONAL, S.A. Of C.V. It has the permits of the Energy Secretariat (SENER, by its initials in Mexico) and the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE, by its initials in Mexico), required for the import and commercialization of hydrocarbons, fuels and petrochemicals in Mexico. Attached the corresponding links for validation.

Permit title No. H/19544/COM/2016 granted by the Energy Regulatory Commission for the activity of marketing of hydrocarbons, fuels and petrochemicals.

The SENER permit No. No.1000C116019701for the Import of diesel, you can verify it in the numerals 210 of list of diesel, for gasoline's in the numerals 151 of gasoline and in numeral 75 for propane gas. We are authorized for import form United States, China, Russia, Canada, Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates:

View SENER permit

Permisos CRE, podrá constatarlo en la página 5 del documento, sección XVI, inciso d):

view CRE permit

Authorization by the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit / Tax Administration Service, in the Register of Importers Specific Hydrocarbon Sector 13 :

view SAT certificate


The commercial alliances carried out by our company, allows us to improve the value chain to obtain a direct benefit for our clients, working directly with several refineries of the United States to commercialize in Mexico the following products:

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Petroleum Services International, S.A. of C.V., committed to our customers and with the quality, make with highest standards the laboratory tests, inspection, verification and certification of fuels delivered, ensuring and exceeding the requirements of NOM-016-CRE-2016, which are this requirements are guaranteed and endorsing for by the Economy Secretary and actual quantity of product delivered.


Oriented in to meet the needs of our customers Petroleum Services International, S.A. of C.V., offers a range of services which are carried out by our leaders professionals and trained personnel in each of the areas in the services of :

  • Customs formalities for fuels.
  • Import of hydrocarbons, fuels and petrochemicals.
  • Distribution within Mexican territory
  • Land and sea Transportation.
  • Delivery to our customer’s locations.

Integral Solutions

With a continuous improvement approach to meet the needs of our current and future customers, at Petroleum Services International, S.A. of C.V., we count are licenses and permits that allow us to operated no mishap in Mexican territory, with commercial alliances with companies refining of excellent prestige international, our professionals leaders in your area and highly trained operational personnel, allows us to offer solutions integrals “All in One" with big saving and benefits, among them, count with products of high certified quality not available current in the Mexican market, at prices highly competitive, integrated services of logistic with the higher reliability and efficiency to do deliveries “Just in Time” and the monitoring of commercial operation to safeguard the integrity of the fuels, the safety of personnel as well as of the facilities and the respect and care of the environment.